Carson wins draw, becomes Pound’s next mayor

Mike Still • May 26, 2020 at 6:02 PM

WISE — Stacey A. Carson will be the next mayor of Pound.

In a meeting that took less than five minutes, the Wise County Electoral Board and General Registrar Allison Robbins fulfilled Code of Virginia section 24.2-674 and held a drawing of lots between Carson and write-in candidate William “Bill” Gilliam.

Carson attended Tuesday’s meeting with her sons Connor and Daniel, while Gilliam was unable to attend due to a prior commitment.

Robbins first announced that six names were on the 68 write-in ballots from the May 18 town election. Gilliam, who tied Carson with 60 votes, was followed by incumbent Pound Mayor George Dean with two votes; Jack Bentley also with two votes; and Councilman Phil Cantrell Jr., former Councilman Rocky Cantrell, Lynette Wells and incumbent Councilman Clifton Cauthorne all with one vote each.

Robbins placed two sheets of paper — one with Carson’s name and one with Gilliam’s — in unmarked envelopes and in a box before shaking it as board members Alberta Harrison, Eula Hughes and Juanita Quillen watched.

Board Vice-chair Hughes drew and opened the lot with Carson’s name. Three Pound town officials attending the meeting — Council members Danny Stanley and Phil Cantrell Jr. and Police Chief Tony Baker — left without any comment.

“You don’t know if I’m making a happy face or a sad face right now,” Carson said after she saw Hughes hold up the lot with her name.

Carson, who moved to Pound after her divorce to take a sales job in Wise County and now teaches pre-kindergarten at a local Christian school, said she hoped to use her experience as a military spouse and community organizer to help the town.

“If God wanted me there, that’s why,” Carson said of her second run for the mayor’s post. “He’ll put me there if he wants me there. I’ve always been a strong advocate for volunteering and lifting your community up and lifting other people up.”

Carson said one of her first challenges as mayor will be to work with council members to decide whether to maintain a town water system or become part of the county Public Service Authority’s water network.

“I’ve had to earn my way into the community and try to show people what I can do and am willing to do,” Carson said.

After a swearing-in ceremony, Carson will take office July 1 for a two-year term.

Robbins said Pound experienced another tie — in a town election — in 2012 when Glenn Cantrell and Joann Fleming tied in their race foe a Council seat. Cantrell won with a drawing.

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