Moore announces 1st Congressional District bid

Hank Hayes • Jan 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM

KINGSPORT — Political newcomer J.S. Moore of Kingsport has announced he will seek the 1st Congressional District seat as a Republican.

In an email, Moore said retiring U.S. Rep. Phil Roe was an “invisible man” in the district for a decade.

“He sat by while our hospitals became a monopoly and this has cost us greatly,” Moore wrote. “I aim to help right this wrong. I am in support of creating a hospital authority which would help regulate Ballad Health and will raise awareness about the need for its establishment.”

Moore said he’s a veteran who served as a military police officer in the U.S. Army and supports giving the military a raise.

He said he supports the Affordable Care Act, a woman’s right to choose, same-sex marriage, legalization of marijuana and term limits.

“I am not in favor of building walls. Ask yourself: Would Jesus build a wall? That is all,” Moore said. “Family separation at the border is cruel on so many levels and needs to be ended immediately.”

Moore noted the homeless issue will be a top priority for him.

“I’m not a yard sign guy,” he said. “You won’t see my campaign plastered onto billboards, and the radio will not be bombarded by annoying advertising. I am hoping for word of mouth help in gaining traction and getting the word out I am a viable candidate.”