Scott supervisors approve budget with same tax rates

Holly Viers • Jun 24, 2020 at 9:15 AM

GATE CITY — The Scott County Board of Supervisors has a budget in place for the next fiscal year.

The BOS approved its budget and tax rates for fiscal year 2020-21 at a meeting Monday afternoon. The spending plan is the same as the draft budget presented at a meeting earlier this month, except for an additional appropriation of $53,016 for vehicles for the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

“In March and April, we purchased equipment for two sheriff’s office Durangos that we have, but the equipment has not come in and been installed. They also purchased a Durango that has not been delivered,” said County Administrator Freda Starnes. “Those things are held in POs (purchase orders) that total $53,016, and I’m asking to add that to the vehicle sheriff’s line item for next fiscal year, because we’re not going to spend that money this fiscal year, in ’20, but we will be spending it in ’21.”

Starnes said the delivery delays were caused by manufacturing shutdowns due to COVID-19.

Budget highlights

The county’s finalized budget includes:

• An allocation of more than $2.4 million for the Scott County Sheriff’s Office

• An allocation of $456,500 for volunteer fire departments

• An allocation of more than $2.2 million for the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority’s Duffield facility

• An allocation of $648,250 for capital projects

• A general fund balance of nearly $26.3 million

Unchanged from last year, the tax rates for fiscal year 2020-21 are as follows: $1.65/$100 for personal property; $.80/$100 for real estate and manufactured homes; $.80/$100 for public service corporations; $.90/$100 for machinery and tools; and $.72/$100 for merchants capital.

Other action

In other action, the BOS:

• Amended its 2019-20 budget to add CARES Act funds of $1,881,550 and $102,640.65 in new funds that had been received in various county departments since July 1, 2019.

• Approved a participation agreement to move forward with AT&T for Next Gen 911 services. The new initiative includes better technology and supports text-to-911. “Within the next year or so, we will be moving forward with the process of moving to Next Generation 911,” Starnes said.

• Approved new agreements for five new school resource officers (SROs) funded through a grant. The sheriff’s office originally applied for 10 new SROs but was approved for only five, Starnes said. The school system will pay a match to fund each of the new positions, which are for three-year grant terms. The new positions will give the county a total of 10 SROs.

• Ratified a regional letter of support for the Lonesome Pine Regional Library’s application for CARES Act funds.

• Voted to allow Bill Dingus, public works director, to serve on the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) recycling task force. “This task force is looking at what Virginia can do to get into the recycling game or reallocate the litter control and recycling monies and the way it’s used,” Dingus said.

• Appointed Supervisors Stefanie Cruby and Jeremy Herron to serve on a CARES Act committee to review CARES Act fund requests from entities within the county.

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