Spivey first to file for Sullivan school board race

Rick Wagner • Feb 12, 2020 at 2:00 PM

BLOUNTVILLE — First-term incumbent Matthew Spivey of Kingsport is the first candidate to file a qualifying petition for a Sullivan County school board race, but potential challenger Mark Vicars said Wednesday he plans to file soon. Vicars has picked up a petition. Spivey, an attorney practicing in Kingsport, could not be reached for comment Monday or Tuesday but filed Tuesday for re-election to his District 3 seat.

“Yes, I plan on filing,” Vicars, who is a businessman and ran for Kingsport alderman in 2017, said via email. “I am hoping to get that in sometime in the coming weeks. My hope is that I can bridge the gap in communication between the County Commission and the county school board. Right now we are divided and we have a total break down in communication between the two, this is causing harm to not only our image, but our students and taxpayers.”

The four-year terms will be filled in the Aug. 6 general election. School board races are nonpartisan. Noon April 2 is the deadline to file a petition, and the deadline to withdraw is noon April 9. All told, four of the seven seats are up for grabs in the election: Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7.