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Boone's Jenkins finds success in every season

Douglas Fritz • Jan 5, 2020 at 1:32 PM

GRAY — When trying to figure out what Jaycie Jenkins is best at, the answer probably doesn’t come from basketball, softball, volleyball or academics.

Sure, Jenkins is good at all of those things. But the Daniel Boone senior may be at her best in the game of life.

“She’s just about as humble a young lady as you come around,” said Boone athletic director Danny Good. “I don’t know anybody who would say a bad word about her. She’s a fine young lady on top of being a good student-athlete.”

Jenkins’ current athletic focus is on the basketball court. She was already having a nice year as the team’s unquestioned leader but took it to a new level on Dec. 20 against Sullivan East. In the third quarter of the 66-56 win, she totaled 17 points, blocked two shots, had two steals and grabbed a pair of rebounds. It was all part of a career-high 38-point effort.

“I really didn’t know I had 38 until one of the assistant coaches asked me what my game high was,” Jenkins said. “I told him it was 20-something. He said how about 38? I was like, ‘What?’ He said, ‘That’s your new record.’ I said, ‘No, it’s not.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, that’s how many you had tonight.’

“It just didn’t feel like it, I guess because I was just getting offensive rebounds and putting them back and my teammates were giving me good looks in transition.”

It’s one thing to be a standout in one sport and play two others. It’s altogether different to be one of the area’s best players in all three while also excelling in the classroom.


Senior 4.0 2.4


2017 Sweet Sixteen team
2018 All-Big 7 first team
2019 All-Big 7 first team
2019 Sweet Sixteen team
.453 Career batting average


2018 All-Big 7 first team
2018 All-Region 1-AAA team
2019 All-Big 7 first team
2019 All-NET first team
21.8 Points per game this season


2018 All-Big 7 first team
2019 All-Big 7 first team
2019 Big 7 player of the year
2019 All-Region 1-AAA team
1,232 Career digs

“I don’t know of a female student-athlete who has been as successful in all three sports in this area,” Good said. “She’s like a female Steve Spurrier with those accomplishments.”

For Jenkins it’s a year-round dedication, but not a grind.

“I consider it fun,” Jenkins said. “Sometimes it’s hard when you have those late practices, and you’re thinking about whether you should stay after and shoot or go hit extra.”

It helps having faith — along with a family who stays involved, Jenkins said.

“I thank God for giving me the ability to play all three sports and for my health throughout my careers,” she said. “And my parents have been my biggest influences. They’re always there to push me. They’ve taken me to shoot, and my mom has pitched to me while my dad helps me with what I’m doing wrong. My whole family has been there for me.”

Included in that mix is her older sister, Jaclyn, a former Boone star Jaycie credits with bringing out the best in her.

“I think it helped a lot with my family being athletic and my sister especially,” Jaycie said. “I always wanted to go against her and see if I could be just as good. And I tried to compete and be better than her.”

Competing is something that comes natural to Jenkins, and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

“I always have trouble when people ask me what my favorite sport is,” she said. “Whatever season I’m in, that’s the one. They’re all different to me, and I like them in different ways.”

Jenkins also has a knack for helping elevate her team to success.

“We made it to the state in volleyball and we made it to the state in basketball,” she said. “So hopefully this year we will make it to the state in softball.”

When Jenkins graduates in May, she said she will be leaving more than just a school.

“I think it’s special here because everyone treats each other good,” she said. “We’re one big family.”

As for the future, Jenkins said she hopes to play softball or basketball at the college level.

“I’ll probably get a degree in education and maybe be a teacher,” she said.


AD Danny Good ...

“She’s the good example. You never have to worry about her attitude or effort. She has excelled in the classroom. When I need a volunteer to help, she’s first in line. She’s involved in her church.

“I’m not sure what else you could ask for. Her parents have done a great job.”

Basketball coach Beau Hauldren ...

“She is a great basketball player who can score, pass, defend, rebound, and she plays her guts out every night. But what makes her successful on the court is how much she understands the game. Her greatest attribute is her knowledge of the game — something a lot of ‘good’ players don’t have to make them get to the ‘great’ category.”

Softball coach Jeremy Jenkins ...

“Just being around her from a very young age, whatever she decides to go into she does it well. A lot of times she’s the best player out there, whatever sport it is. She is so gifted and talented.

“She’s a student of the game and wants to get better at her craft. She’s had a good upbringing with her mom and dad. And she’s great in the classroom. I’m really lucky to get a chance to coach someone like that.”